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Some day yard cats' food begin to disappears. Cameras didn't record
the theif  moment.  It's seems like somebody  can hack  cameras  to
erase files... But who need that? We guessed and  realized that's a
raven  and  cameras  don't  recording  anymore! So  I create   bank
for  cats  (food   security). Because buying the feed is not cheapy
deal,  people that feeding them,  really  can  bankrupt themselves!

This  page includes a  source code  of CfoR, fully  working CGI-BIN
scripts.   So  if you  want  to copy  CfoR  for your own  purposes,
check  sources - they  have   a lot  of  commentaries   about code.
Speaking easily, scripts  code don't  have differences  with source
codes,       but          they're          obfuscated   as    well.

Version 1.0: Source code Pseudo code Perl script without comments

Author: Diicorp95
Last version: 1.0
Date: February 5th, 2020

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